Reviews and Awards

Reviews and Awards

ISPO 2022 Award Winner

ZOLEO satellite communicator recognized at ISPO Award Exhibition – Read more .

Winner of the UK Outdoor Industry award for Best Tech Accessory

UK Outdoor Industry Awards 2022 – Read more .

Winner of the Product of the Year Award

Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards – Read more about this announcement .

For the past year we have been operating this device and it’s worked very well. We tested it in remote locations where no on-the-grid service was available and the ZOLEO unit excelled…

Fish Alaska Magazine – Read more about this award .

Recognized as a 2020-21 Hot Pick Product

Outdoor Retailer Magazine – Read more .

Winner of the Top Mobility User Experience Innovation Award 2020.

MSUA Award – Read more .

Winner of the “Gear of the Year 2020” Award

50 Campfires – Gear of Year Award – Read More .

Pleasantly surprised as ZOLEO holds it own at a much lower price point than other satellite communicators and has some benefits on the monthly pricing plan as well.

Randy Newberg – Team Review – Watch The Video Review. .

This Editors’ Choice is polished, effective, and our pick for seamless messaging. The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator enters this market with a mature and excellent product.

Outdoor Gear Lab – Read more about this award. .

The innovative ZOLEO satellite communicator is an everyday option for anyone who wants to send messages from anywhere and likes the reassurance of location tracking and emergency services.

Gear Junkie – Gear Junkie Review .

Thanks to its intuitive, dependable performance, the ZOLEO is one of the best options for backcountry communication on the market today.

BACKPACKER – Read More .

There honestly isn’t anything that we didn’t like about the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator. It’s rugged, waterproof, and did everything that it’s supposed to do.

50 Campfires – 50 Campfires Review | Watch The Video Review.

We choose the ZOLEO over other satellite communicators we’ve tested because of its affordability, simplicity, and the continuous on- and off-grid coverage…

SunCruiser Media, 4W Drive Magazine – Read More .

I think every riding group should have one of these.

Kyle Brothersem, Dirt Bike Channel – Watch the Video Review .

ZOLEO is the most cost-effective, budget friendly option on the market…I’m really impressed. It’s been really reliable and quick to send messages

Backcountry Exposure – Watch the Video Review .

ZOLEO messaging experience is better in every way. For owners, the messaging is centralized (in the ZOLEO App), rather than being split between conventional messaging apps…

Andrew Skurka – Read the Review .

After testing out the ZOLEO communicator for a couple of months, we can say that this unit is something that every motorcyclists who ventures off the beaten track should consider.

Adventure Rider Radio – Interview with Morris Shawn, President of ZOLEO Inc. .

The ZOLEO Satellite Communicator is the messaging ease of use Champ. It is the only unit to have a dedicated phone number for fully transparent text messaging.

Adventure Alan Top Pick – Read more .

The ZOLEO is a budget conscious and rugged device that’s entirely focused on communications. Ideal for road trips, international travel and the backcountry.

Monte Johnston, Black Sheep – Read more .

“ZOLEO is a great bang for your buck satellite device/app to feel safe and secure in the backcountry in case you need help or just want to check in with friends/family.“

Alice Baker, Girl on a Hike – Read more .

I really like the simplicity of ZOLEO. I like the cost of the hardware and it seems like a pretty cool piece of kit. I’ll continue to use this.

Overland Bound – Watch Video Review .

Winner in the New Product Innovation Category 2020.

ABA100 Award – Read more .