Who Uses ZOLEO

Who Uses ZOLEO

George Shaw

Advanced Sea Kayak Coach & Guide

George is a BC UKCC Level 3 Advanced Water Endorsed Sea Kayak coach and guide; he was brought up in the south of England and now lives in the Isle of Man. His speciality is coaching in exciting, rough, more advanced conditions, however as an all-round coach and guide, he loves every aspects of the sport. His accomplishments and experience include expeditions in a variety locations and environments, George has been fortunate to be involved in expeditions to Greenland, Norway (Loften Isands and Tromso), Aleutian Islands, Brittany, Shetlands, Kafelonia, Scilliy Islands, Outer Hebredies and Skye. He has also completed various open crossings throughout the British Isles and Ireland. George is the only kayaker to have achieved the 5-kingdom open crossing challenge holding 3 records of the 5 crossings and in his spare time George likes nothing more than playing in tide races and surfing in sea and surf kayaks.


My strength of character as a person has been mentored by the people I have met and the coaches and people that have helped me along the way. I have no time to battle egos or small minds, my views are always observational and never personnel. My life is better on the water, I look forward to meeting you all and sharing my love for the adventure with you.

Sarah Williams

Tough Girl Challenges – Adventurer and Host of the Tough Girl Podcast

Sarah Williams, founder of Tough Girl Challenges, is a fearless advocate for adventure and female empowerment. Through the 3x award winning, Tough Girl Podcast, she amplifies the stories of extraordinary women from around the globe, inspiring millions worldwide. Sarah’s own feats include completing the Marathon des Sables, thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, and cycling from Vancouver to Cabo San Lucas. With each challenge, Sarah pushes boundaries, fuels resilience, and motivates others to pursue their dreams. As a ZOLEO ambassador, she embodies the spirit of staying connected in remote areas, empowering fellow adventurers to push their limits while ensuring safety and communication. Join Sarah on her incredible journey and discover the power of adventure with ZOLEO.

Stephen J Reid

Outdoors Adventures

Stephen is a professional commercial filmmaker who brings his filmmaking skills and sense of humour to creating fun content in the outdoors. A collector of outdoors hobbies, Stephen can be found Hiking, Camping, Paddling, Cycling and Running his way around various locations in Ireland & the UK.

Pierre Farrugia

Hiker, Backpacker Youtuber

Pierre Farrugia, a nature enthusiast from Malta, has a deep love for the great outdoors and a passion for exploring new places. Motivated by his adventurous spirit, he turned to YouTube as a platform to share the marvels of his explorations and showcase the beauty of his homeland. To fully immerse himself in the natural wonders of Malta, Pierre acquired various skills such as backpacking, trekking, abseiling, caving, and kayaking. During his solo expeditions, he discovered ZOLEO, a safety gear that he considers essential for attaining “peace of mind” for himself and his loved ones.

Zenia Maltha

Hunter, outdoor enthusiast, blogger

Zenia is a passionate hunter and outdoor enthusiast as well as a blogger. She regularly goes hunting in the wilderness, venturing off-grid with her baby girl. She counts on Zoleo to provide her the ability to stay connected in case of an emergency. In addition to hunting, Zenia enjoys hiking in nature throughout Scandinavia with her husband and baby daughter.

James Michael Forrest

Adventurer, writer, and hiker

James Forrest is a record-breaking adventurer, writer and hiker from the UK. He is best-known for completing a three-year mission to climb 1,001 mountains across the UK and Ireland, including all 282 Munros in Scotland. He has set multiple FKTs (fastest known times) for mountain challenges and is a self-confessed hiking addict. James is the award-winning author of Mountain Man: 446 Mountains. Six Months. One record-breaking adventure, and a regular contributor for the UK’s biggest hiking magazines including Trail and The Great Outdoors. He lives in Cumbria close to the Lake District National Park.

Nikolai Schirmer

Skier and filmmaker

Nikolai Schirmer is a Norwegian law school graduate who turned his focus to a career as director and professional skier. He was voted European Skier of The Year in 2020, and shares his adventures through his films and series, many of which you can check out on his YouTube channel here.

Jon and Erin Kelly

Campers and Canoeists

Jon and Erin are diehard backcountry campers living in a remote northern town on the shores of Lake Superior. Surrounded by a rugged and wild environment, they spend much of their time in a canoe on Ontario’s lakes and rivers from spring through fall, or in a hot tent during the frigid Northern winter. Jon frequently goes on extended solo fishing trips and ZOLEO allows him to keep in touch with Erin back home, providing both with much-needed reassurance. They share their adventures on their YouTube channel, Lost Lakes.

Devin Ashby

Outdoor Recreationist

Devin’s passion for the outdoors is rooted in a childhood of camping, hiking, rock climbing and fishing. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Recreation Management from Utah Valley University, Devin turned his passion for the outdoors into his career, working various jobs in the industry around his hometown of Salt Lake City. He finds the most joy in exploring the desert canyons of southern Utah where you can go days without seeing another person — just you and the towering sandstone cliffs to keep you company.

Bridget Fabel

Hunter, Fisher and Guide

Bridget is one of the only well-known women in the western hunting space, and she shares her solo bowhunting, fly fishing and shed hunting adventures on Instagram and YouTube. She lives in a small town in southern Utah and is surrounded by three separate mountain ranges — one of which is considered ‘the most desolate range in the continental United States.’ The roads are scarce and rugged, and cell service is nonexistent. As she constantly travels in and out of cell range, Bridget relies on her ZOLEO to keep connected with friends and family and to have a means of communication in case an emergency ever occurs.  

Dave Norona

Professional Adventurist Athlete

Dave is a professional adventure athlete that has competed in over 450 races in 12 different disciplines throughout the world! He has spent the last 35 years — both summers and winters — in the backcountry and prides himself on pushing the limits in a responsible manner with safety being of the utmost importance. His summers are spent riding E-MTB, wing foiling and e-foiling, and his winters are spent sledding, sled skiing and ski touring. Dave currently rides for the Ski-Doo Backcountry Team.

Ryan Arciero

Off-Road Race Car Driver

Ryan is one of the most accomplished off-road racers in its history, winning countless competitions including the Baja 1000 and Nevada 2000. As a third-generation, off-road driver, Ryan is determined to continue the 65-year motorsports legacy the Arciero family has worked so hard to achieve. Whether competing in a 1000-mile, off-road race or turning fast laps on the pavement, Ryan’s skills and experience make up a highly diverse and winning racing resume. Ryan uses his ZOLEO to stay connected with his team nearby as well as his family back home whenever his races bring him off the grid.

Eric Haase (SoCal Flying Monkey)


Eric, aka SoCal Flying Monkey, is an aviation content creator and private pilot who flies his Piper Cherokee 6 airplane all around the U.S. and Mexico for fun and adventure. He is a passionate aviator who loves the outdoors, mountain biking and skiing. His YouTube channel chronicles his family’s aviation journeys and seeks to encourage anyone interested in aviation. Eric depends on ZOLEO both in-flight and on the ground to keep in touch and stay safe.

Aaron Malone (Gideonstactical)

Outdoor Enthusiast

Aaron’s love of the outdoors and adventure began at a young age going camping, backpacking and hiking with his family. He has spent the last 20 years exploring the Colorado Rockies and many other western states. Along the way he founded a gear review channel on YouTube, GIDEONSTACTICAL, with the goal of helping people get into the outdoors and experience all of its beauty first hand, and to feel equipped and prepared while they make adventures of their own.

Jim Cyr

Outdoor Enthusiast

Jim spends much of his time roaming the outdoors of Atlantic Canada, either hiking, biking or camping. While enjoying the outdoors nearby or in remote areas, ZOLEO is always present in Jim’s gear list to help him maintain communications with family and work.

Marcus Weiner

Hunter / Fisher

Marcus is the Founder and Publisher of Fish Alaska magazine and Hunt Alaska magazine. For the past 25 years Marcus has travelled throughout Alaska in pursuit of fish and game. His adventures have taken him into some of the wildest and most remote places on the planet. He cherishes any time spent in wild, remote places and Alaska has delivered each and every time. From the Arctic tundra north of the Arctic Circle, to the rain forests of Southeast Alaska, to the volcano-dense Aleutian Island chain, Marcus is most happy in remote, unspoiled locations. 

Adam Potts

Ocean Rower

Adam is undertaking one of the wolds toughest ocean rowing routes, starting in June this year. With his rowing partner Craig he will be rowing non-stop around the entire circumference of mainland Britain, a distance of around 2000 miles!

ZOLEO will be a crucial link between boat DIDI and the shore, allowing access to vital up-to-date weather information and providing a safety back up in case of emergency.