ZOLEO Mobile Messaging App

ZOLEO App for Phones and Tablets

Messaging, SOS, Check-in, Weather Forecasts, GPS Location and More

Free ZOLEO App

Two-way messaging, SOS, check-in, weather, location sharing and more…

Our app is the key to all the features of ZOLEO! Simply connect the ZOLEO Satellite Communicator via Bluetooth to enjoy messaging coverage, absolutely everywhere!

Coverage everywhere via satellite, mobile network or Wi-Fi

Two-way messaging (text, email or app-to-app)*

Two-way SOS messaging with our 24/7 emergency response coordination partner

Medical Assist, 24/7 access to non-emergency medical advice

Share GPS coordinates

Get AerisWeather™ forecasts on demand

Check in easily with contact(s) you designate

Supports multiple languages

*Characters supported: SMS/text up to 160, email up to 200, app-to-app 900+.

Global Messaging as It Was Meant to Be

ZOLEO provides messaging coverage that follows you! That’s because ZOLEO transmits messages via the Iridium® satellite network when you’re beyond mobile coverage, and via mobile network and Wi-Fi when available.

With ZOLEO you can go anywhere with confidence — and never miss a message again!

To learn more visit: ZOLEO Overview

When Something’s This Good – Share It!

Invite contacts to use the ZOLEO App

It’s free and they don’t need to own a ZOLEO device to message you using the app. You’ll be able to exchange messages up to 900+ characters, and you’ll get their messages even if you’re back in mobile coverage and your ZOLEO device is off!

Share your ZOLEO device with friends

It’s easy! They just need to download the free ZOLEO app, and use it to connect to your ZOLEO satellite communicator via Bluetooth to enjoy all the benefits of your ZOLEO device and messaging plan.

Get Weather Forecasts for Any Location

One of the most accurate sources of hyperlocal weather, AerisWeather™ provides forecasts for any location within 100 meters of spatial resolution. Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing you can access weather updates from trusted sources to help plan for safe travel while off the grid. (Transmitted over the Iridium® satellite network.)

Each forecast includes:

Current conditions: current and apparent temperature, wind speed, wind bearing, visibility, UV index

Hourly forecasts for 44 hours*: conditions, temperature, wind speed, wind bearing, expected precipitation (% and millimeters), type of precipitation

Daily forecasts for 5 days: conditions, temperature (daily high/low), sunrise, sunset, expected precipitation (% and millimeters), type of precipitation

*Provided for the next 14 hours in 2-hour increments, and for the next 30 hours in 6-hour increments.

Check in with Ease

Let others know you’re okay. Simply tap to send a check-in message, and add your GPS coordinates to share your location (optional).

Help When You Need It

Two-way SOS Alerting for Peace-of-Mind

When you trigger an SOS alert, rest assured that our global emergency response coordination partner will confirm your alert and dispatch help. You’ll also receive progressive updates via the app and be able to exchange messages until your incident is resolved.

Learn more: How SOS Works

Medical Assist – 24/7 Medical Advice

Your ZOLEO service also includes Medical Assist, the industry’s first 24/7 chat service that puts non-emergency medical assistance at your fingertips. Use ZOLEO Medical Assist for medical advice, assistance in locating a clinic or dentist, or help with replacing prescriptions or medical devices.

*Expert 24/7 SOS monitoring is included at no extra cost.

Misplaced Your ZOLEO Device?

It happens to the best of us! If your device is powered ‘on’ and within 50 m/164 ft. (Bluetooth LE 4.1 range), simply open your ZOLEO app and click “Find my Device” under the “My Connected ZOLEO Device” tab in the settings menu. Once pressed, your device will emit an audible sound and the LEDs will light up in pink. What’s lost will be found in no time.