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ZOLEO Monthly Plans

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All ZOLEO monthly plans include:

Your own ZOLEO SMS number and email address

Unlimited FREE Check-in and SOS messages

Convenient usage alerts and optional message top-up bundles

Flexibility to change, suspend or cancel if your needs change¹

ZOLEO Plans (€Euro)

Monthly Fee

Satellite Messages Included

Additional Messages

Satellite Check-in Messages

Cellular & Wi-Fi Messages

Satellite SOS Alerts

24/7 SOS Monitoring Service

Medical Assist

Optional Add-on Subscription:
Location Share+








In Touch










Free (unlimited)²




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See ZOLEO Service Terms

*All prices in €Euro and are inclusive of VAT.
1. No suspensions in the first 3 months. Fees apply to early cancellations (view details below).
2. Some restrictions apply.

ZOLEO Service Terms

  • A €25 activation fee applies when activating a ZOLEO monthly plan.
  • Plans can be changed online any time, and suspended or canceled any time after the initial 3-month term; monthly fees and allotments will be prorated accordingly.
  • Plans auto-renew month-to-month until suspended or cancelled; no credits for cancellations or suspensions within the first 3 months.
  • Location Share+ is an optional add-on subscription that includes unlimited location share messages. It can be added or cancelled at any time. If cancelled before the end of the billing cycle, no proration is applied.
  • Optional one-time top-up bundles can be added when required and expire at the end of the monthly billing period. Learn more.
  • Suspend your plan when not in use for just €4.00/month. While suspended, you retain your ZOLEO SMS number and email address and your account remains active but your device will not transmit messages (including SOS). Unsuspend online any time with no activation fee. Suspensions are limited to once per monthly bill cycle.
  • Cellular and Wi-Fi messages consume data similar to other messaging applications. You are responsible for these data costs; they’re not included in your ZOLEO monthly plan.
  • Check-in messages are included and do not decrement from your plan.
  • SOS messages are included and do not decrement from your plan.
  • A Fair Use Policy applies to all unlimited and SMS messages and may be applied if your use of unlimited and/or SMS messages greatly exceeds average consumer usage.
  • You may use your ZOLEO product anywhere there is network coverage (subject to any applicable restrictions due to export laws, local laws, licensing requirements and regulations).
  • As with regular SMS, using SMS with ZOLEO between countries in Europe and some other regions may result in undelivered messages. Check the FAQ section on our website to learn more. For best results, we recommend using ZOLEO app-to-app messaging.
  • ZOLEO currently accepts selected credit, debit and other payment types with billing addresses from the following countries: Canada, the United States and its territories, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and countries in the European Economic Area (EEA).  Additional countries will be added over time.
  • Please see ZOLEO Standard Terms and Conditions for complete details.